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Professional Fiduciary Services

I am pleased to announce that I am refocusing a portion of my law practice to provide fiduciary services in Sonoma County,  including trustee, conservator of the estate, conservator of the person, executor and administrator, agent under power of attorney, receiver and other professional fiduciary positions.  As an active member of the California State Bar for 32 years, I have litigated a variety of civil cases, including cases involving financial elder abuse.  I want to address the critical need in our community for a trust-worthy, organized, knowledgable and compassionate fiduciary to support Sonoma County’s aging population.

I have personal experience caring for aging parents and other relatives.  My family and friends value my integrity and regularly seek my advice with regard to their estate planning and other legal matters.  Raised in a diverse family of psychologists and social workers, I have a deep understanding of the complexity of family dynamics and a passionate desire to provide caring support for older people and people with disabilities.

Please contact me, if you have any need for my services as a professional fiduciary.